The MUVX is the new leaner, faster, smaller MUV™ in our Marine Utility Vessel product line. Designed initially for PAV/UAV launch and charging operations, our innovative pontoon vessel design is optimized for Recreational, Commercial, Utility or Military applications.

This vessel can be used as a single navigable boat or in paired configurations locked together in a modular system to allow for increased deck space whilst still retaining the flexibility of the smaller vessels for transport, manoeuvrability and docking. Also ideal for cargo movement, and as a platform for open-decked waterbased activities.


DIMENSIONS: 26’ long x 8.6’ wide, Draft 10”, Freeboard 3’.

USABLE DECK SPACE: Approximately 220 Sq Ft.

PROPULSION: Single or Dual Outboard Engine (115 HP +).

PONTOONS: 36” diameter Modular Polyethylene pontoons with unsinkable foam-filled construction that will not rust or corrode.

DECK: Marine grade aluminum panelized construction flight-deck covered with a rubberized non-skid safety coating