Together with our partners, we are showcasing the future of sustainable waterbased living and marine innovation.


Our alliance combines aspirational on-the-water lifestyle concepts with the logistics of transportation, supply provision, and comprehensive support.


We are creating true mobility through our aeromarine capabilities, making next generation marine real estate and lifestyles possible. Live off the grid but still have easy access to wherever you want to be.


Our alliance includes Preferred Partners working across the marine and aviation industries. We are facilitating living on, working on, and enjoying our waters; defining the quintessential coastal and waterbased lifestyle. For instance, the fully navigable mobile MUV™ can be used with the Arkup Liveable Yacht providing a dock, lounge, or hub for marine activities.


We are passionate about the future of waterbased living and marine mobility to support the sustainability and resiliency of cities in the future. ‘Aquatecture’ and floating cities will play a key role in developing urban and rural alternatives to address sea level rise and climate change in our congested urbanscape.


In order to succeed, we must respect our waters and offset any marine activity with consideration to our environment and our local ecosystems. Collectively, we hold this corporate social responsibility as a core pillar to our organization.